Social Security Calculator

About the Social Security Calculator

This site provides individuals with an estimate of their future Social Security retirement benefits. The benefits are based on the earnings record provided by the Social Security Administration. A detailed report is created from this data.

What If?

This site provides clear interactive visuals that let the user investigate how different choices might affect their overall benefit. Scenarios include:


This site does not store any data entered by users. All calculations are made client-side in the browser's JavaScript and are never transmitted over the internet.

While unnecessary for security, this can be confirmed by loading the site in your browser, and then disconnecting your computer before entering any additional data.


This site should be correct, and I will update it as Social Security rules change. However, there are no guarantees of the accuracy of this information. It should be treated as a useful exploratory tool, but any decisions should be made after researching the subject yourself.

The site was most recently updated on Jan 07, 2023.


This site is completely free and contains no advertising. I don't collect your email address, subscribe you to SMS services, make a credit report inquiry, kill a dolphin, etc. Feel free to use the site without wondering if there is a catch.

Costs for running the site are minimal, just a few dollars a year, plus my time.

I noticed that most people don't understand their Social Security benefits very well. The online tools at are excellent, but I felt lacking in a few places. In particular, I felt that by simply spitting out a final number, the results failed to educate the user as to how the program works. I thought it would be useful to contribute a tool that helped folks to understand their own Social Security benefit and how it will help them in the future.


If you would like to contribute, the project is on github at: Gregable/social-security-tools