Social Security Calculator

Understand Social Security

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Quick Data Entry

Directly Copy & Paste Records

Painless entry of your earnings records directly from the "my SocialSecurity" section at Copy and paste your entire record directly into the social security tool in a single quick step. Run entirely from your browser making the process secure and private.

Highly Interactive

Future Benefits Formula

Working more years in the future can have an impact on your benefit. Use the working years quick calculator to estimate the impact of working more or fewer years on your AIME, PIA, and benefit payments.

Visual Charts

PIA Calculation

Visually calculate how your Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME) affects your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). Use the estimator to see how you compare to the two Social Security breakpoints.

Graphical Excellence

Filing Start Date Analysis

Intuitive interactive visual charts let you see the impact of the choice of filing dates on your benefits. See your detailed payment schedule, each month, specifically tailored to your own inputs. Unique unified view of filing dates and the effect on both you and your spouse's benefits.