Social Security Calculator

To use the calculator, you must provide data from your Social Security record. If you aren't ready for that yet, try the demo using sample data:

Step 1 of 2: Retrieve Social Security data

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  1. Sign in to here. You may need to create an account.
  2. In the section "Eligibility and Earnings", click the link "Review your full earnings record now". If you cannot find it, click this link after signing in.
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  3. Copy the Earnings Record table. Select the table by clicking and dragging or just select the entire page. Either way will work.
  4. Return here, paste the result into the text area below:

Your data never leaves your computer: the report is generated entirely by JavaScript in your browser.

Alternative Options
Enter Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)

If you already know the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) at Normal Retirement Age (aka "Full Retirement Age"), you can enter it here.

Not Preferred: Without your earnings record, the calculator cannot help you understand the effect of earnings in the future.

Enter earnings data in alternative formats

The box above also accepts earnings in alternative formats.

  • Copy / paste from a spreadsheet or text file.

    The records must be one row per year, with the year in the first column and the earnings in the second column. For example:

                2015 $5,000
                2014 $4,000
                2013 $3,000
                2012 $2,000
                2011 $1,000
  • Copy / paste from your Social Security Statement (not preferred).

    Your Social Security Statement groups older work years together in ranges rather than listing each year individually, e.g. "2001-2005". This calculator will assume you earned the average of the range for each year. This is only approximate and may result in small errors.